Vintage Grundig Majestic 4090 Am Fm Shortwave Hifi Stereo Radio Receiver Nice


Vintage Grundig Majestic 4090 Am Fm Shortwave Hifi Stereo Radio Receiver Nice


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"Majestic": imperial, regal, sovereign, royal, handsome, stately, strapping, magnificent, excellence, noble, grandiose, grand, superb, fantastic, stately, esteemed, raised, elevated, lofty, sublime, exalted 



 Grundig Majestic - "Mighty Monarch of the Air"

Vintage 1956 Grundig Majestic 4090 Table Radio

Broadcast Shortwave FM Super-Heterodyne Analog Vacuum Tube HiFi Receiver

Grundig Multi-Octave Loudspeakers - 1956 West Germany - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb RVF Radiowerke






This radio definitely fits the definition of the word. Up for auction is a beautiful antique radio by the very famous Grundig radio company. Our Mother always loved Grundig wood-finished radios and she had several of them, this being the largest. This is among the largest tabletop radio sets ever made and was oriented towards the what was then new "hifi" movement. Beautiful deco design and very handsomely made and finest German craftsmanship. I'd rate this as needing restoration as it needs capacitor(s) exchanged. The good news on the capacitors is that they used common values (types) which are still in production. It worked reliably for years then one day blew a fuse, a new fuse was put in and it immediately blew that fuse too. So it was put aside and (since I worked in radar as a senior level technician/operator) I was asked to take a look at it. Upon inspection I found at least one capacitor had blown (a common occurrence with radios over 15+ years old). The capacitor is just a small blue one near the main filter caps (shown in photos). This is a known and very common age-related issue with antique/vintage radios so is no big deal or surprise, they all do it eventually. So this radio does need to have one or more capacitors replaced but is one of Grundig's best collectible & sought after models and worth being given some tlc. It's a very large radio and you'll need to make some allowances on working & cosmetic condition.  Cosmetically it seems pretty complete, has all four valuable Grundig Multi-Octav hifi speakers inside, knobs are original & very nice, large glass faceplate in good condition (no cracks or chips) with a little wear (has neat images of musical instruments for different types of music selection). There's small signs of typical use (some of them very minor, small nicks/scratches/marks, some paint wear to the painted glass interior (you need to look hard), on the top surface of the cabinet there's a few dark areas and small speckles of white housepaint - things you expect to see after many years. All these years later it's still in very good shape and is a highly reputable & well sought after model.  


This radio comes apart pretty easy for servicing and the radio chassis came right apart so was removed for inspection & photos for you to view. The chassis seems to be in very good shape, all tubes present, clean inside, and very importantly - the tuning strings are all in place and in good condition, the various levers/controls/dials seem to work (a few could use some lubrication). Many of these sold on eBay have rust/corrosion issues or have parts & mechanisms corroded/seized - but I really see only very very small spots of oxidation, there's mainly only small dark spots of discoloration where the metal has darkened but the radio overall looks like it was well-maintained and I know she had it serviced once and it was regularly cleaned & cared for and kept in a living room. We noticed the fabric behind the speaker grilles is just starting to fray in a few small areas but you have to look hard to see them. Just to be safe, consider the wood cabinet needs to be refinished. While overall the cabinet looks good & very presentable, it still has some areas of wear/discoloration including some dark spots on top. So it's not a mint museum piece but it's still in very good condition. Also, I will include a 4-page copy of the schematic diagrams for the radio. It's been set up in our living room for some time now and we've received many compliments on the radio, due to it's looks it seems to attract peoples attention right away and we realized this could very well be considered a non-working vintage furniture showpiece for a themed décor etc. If using as a furniture decoration (this seems to be very popular now) most will easily install one or two small low-wattage lamps/bulbs into the radio (to make it light up) in effect making it a deco lamp. 


While it was apart, we took many photos for you to look at (please see additional link below) and if you are bidding or buying this radio we ask that you please take a few minutes to look over all of the photos of the radio shown inside & out to see how good it's condition is and for any details or blemishes etc. Many of the little white specs in the photos are small papertowel fibers and/or light dust particles (sorry!).


Shipping will be expensive as this radio is both heavy & very large. It weighs 35-lb/17kg and after packaging will weigh approximately 50-lb/23-kg.  But will be very safely packaged for worldwide shipping and yes we always ship internationally/overseas. Buyer to pay only actual shipping costs as the radio is not yet packaged (we are encouraging local sale & pickup) so the shipping fee is an estimate only. And YES we offer FREE LOCAL PICKUP for anyone living in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. From past experience, this radio will take us about 4 hours to package and is why we only try to list one difficult-to-package item per month. We have safely shipped many other (even larger) antique tube radios in excess of 100-lbs/45-kg with excellent results & safe arrival - so no worries on safe packaging. This radio has also just been placed for sale locally so if you're interested in it please bid/buy as we think it will sell.



If you are considering buying or bidding - please see the entire description photo set

showing the complete radio inside & out at the link below! 

See All Grundig Majestic 4090 Photos Here! 



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